Your Blog Stinks!

Your blog stinks! “Roses are red, violets are blue Mushrooms stink And so do you” I once received this ditty in a Valentine’s card at junior school. Fortunately for me, it was meant in jest, but it did at least capture my attention. It’s not clear why humans prefer to pay attention to negative and controversial […]

How to Create Website User Personas

Summary A useful action list for creating user personas for your website. Benefits from doing this. Information you will need. Put individuals into groups with shared things in common. What to include in a persona. Share your personas with other people. Top tips. How this helps you User personas help you to confirm and communicate […]

How User Personas Will Help Your Website User Experience

Summary User personas are a tool to ensure your website has a good user experience. Some people may call them pen portraits. Benefits of personas include: segmenting your market; confirming your web site visitors’ needs; explaining to a website designer who your visitors are; focusing people on the customer; a website which helps visitors; sharing […]

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