How One Plumbing Company Dealt With a Negative Online Review

PGS Services is a London-based plumbing, heating, electrics and property maintenance company that offers plumbers and electricians throughout the capital. Here, Guy Andrews from PGS explains how they dealt with a bad review. Although we go to great lengths to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, like most property maintenance companies we’re not immune from receiving […]

Small Business Guest Post: Our Blog Helps Us Build Trust and Gain Leads

Creating online content for customers to read goes far beyond just writing convincing web copy for your website. As the online community is now looking to blogs, review websites and social media for opinions on small businesses, you need to make your presence known on those platforms. This article explains why PGS London Plumbers have […]

Small Business Guest Post: ‘How We Measure Our Social Media ROI’

PGS Plumbers is a London-based plumbing company that has been in business for over a decade. Here, Guy Andrews from PGS explains how the company tracks its all-important social media return on investment (ROI) and the tools that help make this job easy. Social media is one of the core fundamentals of PGS Services’ online […]

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