Bidding on Brand – the Eternal Debate!

Whether to include your brand keywords in your PPC campaigns and bid on these brand terms has always been a hot topic of discussion. It can be very hard to justify to your finance team and senior managers why budget should be spent on these terms, especially when your company website will already be showing […]

Check Out Google Trends

Brilliant tool for PPC and keyword insight – the revamped Google insights. Now, as with any Google tool, take traffic volumes with a pinch of salt but it’s great for identifying movement in the search market. The home page looks like Google search, but it’s just for us PPC geeks. This tool allows you to […]

Apple to Release a Search Engine?

Now, this is just speculation based on my musings. If this comes off though, please refer to ‘I told you so’ So Apple, I predict will, in the not so distant future release a Search Engine or some form of PPC platform. Or, sell the data they gather from their Apple fans. Or, partner up […]

Sort Out Your AdWord Sitelinks.

Sitelinks. Those lovely things you can add onto your PPC advert to make it more shiny, informative, relevant and above all – more ‘clickable’. Sitelinks also give you a bigger search presence and in some instances, give you 5 urls on the SERPs over one. They also allow you to cross promote and promote seasonal […]

AdWords PPC Gets Shared Monthly Budgets

AdWords now let you have one large shared budget for ‘additional control and flexibility’ Woo – I was pleased when I first heard of this, muttering ‘finally!’ I manage a client with multiple campaigns with budget weighting throughout the month geared towards pay day and historically, better ROI metrics. As they sell clothes, search volume […]

PPC Audits. How and Why?

Audits. Not a scary word. Well maybe a little bit. PPC accounts can be audited by your client, a consultant or a company after your business. I have performed many of these, looking at an account in the interface and in editor and just trying to find faults and wins with it. PPC is a […]

Click on PPC Adverts

Sometimes when people ask me what I do, I just say ‘Google Stuff’.  If probed I would say something along the lines of I increase a client’s visibility in the search engines and help drive relevant traffic to their website. The coherency of this sentence is greatly dependent on how late in the eve it […]

AdWords Ad Scheduling

Ad Scheduling. Yet another useful tool to any PPC’er. Well. What is it? It’s a tool within the AdWords system which allows you to say ‘Yep, run my adverts all day Monday but pause them on Sunday’ or even more specific, pause them from 4pm – 10pm every night. Something like that. Basically control over […]

Tracking Changes in AdWords and adCenter

In AdWords and in MSN adCenter, you can see what’s been occurring in terms of the changes users have been uploading. So? Well. This can be pretty useful if a team of people work on the account. If a rogue negatives been uploaded, when and by who? What are the other teams up to?  When […]

AdWords Matching to “Typ-Oes”

Don’t worry, the title is suppose to be ‘ironic’. Yesterday Google AdWords announced they are going to start matching keywords to typos, plurals, or variations.  I have discussed before about keyword research. Adding variations, looking at what Google Search Instant suggests, adding misspellings – without DKI adverts of course, don’t want your user base thinking […]

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