LinkedIn PPC

I often harp on about Facebook PPC. Just check out some of my past blogs as testament to that! A stumbling block people come across, is ‘But I’m a B2B company! Would Facebook work for me?’ Well. Potentially yes. I have, unsurprisingly already blogged about this. But have you considered LinkedIn? No. Well. You should. Like Facebook, […]

Click Through Rates and PPC

Click through rate is a metric which is recorded in AdWords and is normally abbreviated as ‘CTR’. It’s a general rule of thumb that anything above 1% on search is decent and generally on display, anything over 0.04% isn’t awful. CTR is certainly an important metric, but it is also, certainly not the most important. […]

Why Use the Ad Preview Tool?

Account built. Adverts live. But don’t you want to see them? For many, it feels much more real to actually see the adverts ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. Most people will go straight to Google, potentially logged into their account and search for their keyword to bring up their advert. Not a good idea. […]

Fall in Love With PPC This Valentine’s

In a previous post I explained how perfect PPC is for targeting searchers during seasonal peaks of traffic. Valentine’s will provide an influx of searches and they may be relevant to your business. As you would expect there are significant peaks in search volumes  for the usual traditional Valentine’s related items that people search for […]

PPC – Set Up Separate Campaigns for Tablet Traffic

Most campaigns I see are set to be displayed on all devices. You can find what your campaigns are opted into if you click on the settings tab in AdWords. Will see it listed under Devices. You should have dedicated campaigns for Computers and Laptops, Tablets and Phones. Why? Because they are different devices and […]

What Makes a Good PPC Landing Page?

A landing page is a specific page on your website that someone visits after clicking an online ad such as a Google Ad in search results, or a display banner. People often just direct this traffic to their main website home page, but this isn’t optimal for your online advertising activity, and it is much […]

PPC – Refining Your Remarketing

I blogged about remarketing in AdWords and what it’s all about. One point I mentioned was: You can always go one step further and create separate lists for those who visited and didn’t buy and those that visited and brought. So this post plans to elaborate on this. How do you make your remarketing more […]

Setting Up Goals in the New Google Analytics

I blogged recently about setting up AdWords conversion tracking and how important this is. You need to know if what you are spending on PPC is working for you and which area is bringing in the most revenue. Bit of a no brainer. But what about other goals you have for your website? Such as […]

Google Search Network and Your PPC

When you create a  PPC campaign, be it in the AdWords interface or in the AdWords editor, you have this option. Search or Display? Search is going to Google, typing in what you want. Display is being on a website and being presented an advert and clicking on it. If you choose ‘Search’ then you […]

Facebook PPC – What Age Should I Be Targeting?

I wrote yesterday about good things to think about when choosing images and ad-copy for your Facebook PPC adverts. Today I’m going to write about what age you should target with your Facebook adverts. The answer is NOT everyone, or in Facebook language ‘Any’ on the age selection tab. Facebook is social, would you have […]

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