AdWords Call-Only Campaigns: Why You Should Use Them

Does your business generate many of its leads or sales over the phone? If the answer is yes, Google’s introduction of call-only AdWords campaigns was a significant update that could make PPC advertising much more effective for you. What is a call-only AdWords campaign? For some time now, advertisers on AdWords have been able to […]

Does Your Small Business Need to Do PPC Advertising?

If you own a business website, the chances are that you’ve either considered investing in advertising on search engines, or been approached by an agency or individual proposing to do it on your behalf. The question is: should you? Inevitably, there’s no definite answer to this (sorry folks). It very much depends on your industry, […]

Common PPC Myths Busted

Everyone has their perceptions and opinions when it comes to PPC advertising, these opinions are normally shaped from experience and word of mouth. In this article I will address three of the most common myths and hopefully give you the confidence to get started with Pay per Click marketing. 1. Anyone can manage PPC accounts, […]

Excel Tools for PPC – Pivot Tables

I mentioned before about a great tool for AdWord campaigns namely the editor. After the editor, my other favourite programs (I know I’m darn cool) are without doubt Microsoft Excel and Google Analytics. I harp on about GA (Analytics) a lot to both client and colleagues alight but Excel not so much. Hence this blog. […]

Introduction to Quality Score

You may have noticed the unavoidable reoccurring theme of relevance throughout my posts. There is very good reason for this; Google thinks relevance is extremely important, so much so they measure it. And if they think it’s important as PPC advertisers so should we! Google measure the relevance of both your keywords and ad copy […]

PPC New Year’s Resolutions

You have probably already made your usual New Year’s resolutions such as the mundane getting fit, losing weight etc. For 2012 why not try something new and focus on getting the best out of your PPC campaigns? Here are some of my ideas for some PPC related resolutions that should kick some life into your […]

How to Set Up Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

To track elements of your website, most people use Google Analytics. It’s a great program which allows real insight into how people interact and navigate around your website. Most people also use it to track conversions, such as adding the visit / URL from a ‘thank you for contacting us’ type page as a ‘conversion’ […]

Improve Your PPC Campaigns With Relevance

Throughout my blog posts I am going to be constantly mentioning the word relevance. It is a factor that can make or break the performance of your PPC campaigns and therefore I am extremely passionate about it, as anyone who has ever worked with me or I have run PPC campaign for will know! Therefore […]

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