How to Write a Social Media Policy for Your Business

The trouble with social media is that everyone reckons they can do it. It’s just writing a sentence and clicking post, right? I wish that were true. Good social media is many things but when it comes to social media for your business, one of the most important of those things is safe. Not boring; […]

10 Free Ways to Maintain a Good Online Reputation

Reputation is a funny old thing. A good reputation takes time and effort to build, especially in business. It’s something that’s built over months and years, rather than weeks or days. However, if something goes wrong, all of that good standing can be lost in an instant. Huge companies employ whole teams of people to […]

How Can The Yell For Business App Help Your Business?

It’s essential that all small businesses communicate effectively with new leads, raise their profile online, and generally stand out against their competition. And here at Yell, we offer a suite of free digital marketing essentials – including free business listings, a free online visibility scan, and even a free DIY website builder. With this in […]

Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation (Part 2)

In my previous post ‘Managing your company’s online reputation (Part 1)‘ I walked you through the importance of your online reputation and where you can find it. In this post I’ll look at the best tools to monitor your reputation, how to respond and how to handle both good and bad comments. Monitor You should constantly monitor your online reputation so that […]

Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation (Part 1)

“Your reputation precedes you” is a statement that has never been truer. The internet is just one large word-of-mouth machine – people expressing opinions, reviewing and recommending. These days your potential customers don’t just see the company image you project, they see your company through everyone else’s eyes. In fact, your own website or social media […]

Be Social: Social Media Crisis? Just Deal With It!

Social Media is power – power in that it gives your brand a great way to engage with and influence your audience, and power in that it gives your customers a very public voice. That can be great – unless a customer is vocally displeased! Here are some tips to avoid a social media meltdown. […]

Do Customers Expect Small Businesses to Have a Website?

Increasingly, customers are turning to the internet before they commit to a purchase. It can be used to: find businesses that offer what they’re looking for research different products and services find online reviews find out more about a business’ history and values If your business doesn’t have a website, people searching for ‘what you […]

Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses can make the most of their online marketing by following these simple tips: Planning: before you do anything else, put together a brief online marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – but it will help your focus your efforts and (possibly limited) resources, by setting out what you want to achieve […]

How Easy Is It to Manage Business Reputation Online?

A 2011 survey by US agency Cone Inc found that 80% of online shoppers have changed their mind about buying from a business after reading bad reviews online. Even if you don’t sell through your website, a key part of online marketing is making sure negative comments about you aren’t putting off potential customers. Monitoring […]

How Much Value Do Businesses Get From Social Media?

Every business owner wants to know: Is social media working for my business? It’s a fair concern on the minds of many business owners. You may have heard the response that social media is free, so why not use it? It costs your business nothing. But that’s not true. Spend an hour of your time […]

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