Is It Possible To Juggle A Small Business And A Family?

Yell Business has asked 1,500 small business owners for their views on several aspects of their business; from where they work, how they approach marketing and how often their email encroaches on their private life. The parents in the sample[1] offered some interesting insights into juggling a small business with parenthood. Day rate On average, […]

Website Content From Your Visitors’ Perspective

An early mistake that marketers can make when they’re creating their website content is to write about what they want people to read. After a short while they usually realise the error of this as their visitors aren’t converting or following their predefined paths. This is a good thing as the marketer now knows that […]

Why Is Web Analytics Important?

For my second blog post (the first can be found here) I wanted to try and answer the question often posed to me at parties after I’ve explained what web analytics is, which is ‘why is web analytics important?’. As analytics can be briefly defined as ‘The analysis of web data to improve the website […]

What Is ‘Web Analytics’?

We’ve all been there. You’re meeting some people for the first time at a party or on a night out and the inevitable question comes up, ‘What do you do for a living?’. I always answer ‘I work in Web Analytics.’, the majority of the time leading to the question ‘Web analytics? What’s that?’. Being […]

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