A Beginners’ Search Engine Marketing Glossary

Every business wants to be found online. Many businesses wouldn’t be able to turn a profit without making a name for themselves over the internet. Those with even a passing interest in online visibility have probably come across the term “search engine marketing” before. Search Engine Marketing or “SEM” covers a number of interrelated topics […]

How To Drive Store Visits Through PPC Advertising

Your PPC Search Advertising may not be showing you the complete story if you have a physical store or customer-facing offices. Most advertisers use the standard KPI’s for their AdWords campaigns such as number of phone calls, emails, form fills etc. but what about increasing footfall to your store? How would you even track this? […]

Does Your Small Business Need to Do PPC Advertising?

If you own a business website, the chances are that you’ve either considered investing in advertising on search engines, or been approached by an agency or individual proposing to do it on your behalf. The question is: should you? Inevitably, there’s no definite answer to this (sorry folks). It very much depends on your industry, […]

PPC Jargon Buster

The world of pay-per-click advertising can seem like learning a foreign language with its own terminology and of course acronyms. In this post I have focused on some of the core fundamental terms you should be aware of when venturing into managing and monitoring PPC Campaigns. Ad Copy – text consisting of a headline, description […]

What Is Search Retargeting?

Increasingly, search marketing specialists are turning to new, more focused ways to reach consumers. Behavioural retargeting is becoming a popular way to reach specific consumer segments – improving conversion rates and boosting return on investment in search marketing. How does behavioural retargeting work? Behavioural retargeting is simply the practice of serving adverts to people on […]

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