Meta Descriptions and SEO

A web page’s meta description is text used to provide a brief summary of that page’s content. It appears in search engines’ results lists and next to links to that page, and is therefore the first thing a potential visitor to your site will see. It is also visible to search engine crawlers. The importance […]

Come Out Fighting; Give Your Domain Name a Competitive Edge

Every business owner who wants to be seen has a website out there, and every business user now has hundreds if not thousands of businesses to choose from in their area. Most will search for your services through the internet search engines, meaning that in every search, your business’s website will be pitted against hundreds […]

Why Spelling and Grammar Are Crucial to SEO Success

When working to increase the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website, a common mistake is to overlook some of the basic aspects of quality content, such as checking the spelling and grammar of your content. However, neglecting these elements can have a big impact on your site’s search engine ranking. How does content quality […]

Understanding PPC Keyword Match Types

So, you’ve built your campaigns, added your first adgroup and now you have decided on the keywords you want. They seem relevant to your Business; you’re pretty sure it’s what people will search.  Now, the keywords are added and you notice something ‘Keyword Match Type’ hmm… automatically set to ‘Broad’ so what does this mean? […]

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