A Beginners’ Search Engine Marketing Glossary

Every business wants to be found online. Many businesses wouldn’t be able to turn a profit without making a name for themselves over the internet. Those with even a passing interest in online visibility have probably come across the term “search engine marketing” before. Search Engine Marketing or “SEM” covers a number of interrelated topics […]

A Brief History of SEO and Search

SEO is something that every company with an online presence has to wrangle with to some extent, and getting things right can be a real learning curve. It can seem complicated and otherly, sometimes like a kind of arcane art, but SEO wasn’t always like this. So let’s travel back in time to the rad […]

Putting Yourself on the Map

Google isn’t just the biggest search engine in the UK – it also offers some additional services to help businesses market themselves online. One such service is Google Places; the local business listings that appear to be pinned to a map when your search results are shown. Even if you don’t have a website, Google […]

Unknown Victims of Age discrimination…Domain Names?

While search engine algorithms become ever more sophisticated at sifting, sorting and ranking website content, most still use keyword relevancy and inter-page linking as a key tool for determining a website’s reliability and relevancy. Another ranking factor which is considered by search engine algorithms is the age of website domain names. Older domain names tend […]

Guaranteed Top Position on Google

In the SEO business, there is a worrying trend emerging where SMEs are being offered an absolute guarantee when it comes to search rankings.  Having worked with SMEs for the last 10 years I am now seeing more cases of this and find this very dangerous practice is damaging the chances of success for many local search […]

Google Alerts and SEO

For those not familiar with the Google Alerts service this post will help you understand this tool and demonstrate how to use it to enhance your local SEO campaigns. Google Alerts simply enables you to choose keywords/search terms related to your businesses which are important for your SERPs; Google will then email you instances of when they come up online […]

Choosing the Best Domain Name to Aid Your Website’s SEO

When setting up your business website, you will need to choose and register a domain name. This domain name is the address at which your site can be found. It is also a good place to start the search engine optimisation process. A search friendly domain name will hep customers and search engines to find […]

Google Local Search Results Pages Explained

When your search query returns a search engine results page (SERP) that consists of a mixture of different listing types this is known as ‘Universal Search’.  In a previous post we illustrated where PPC ads and organic listings are displayed; in this post we will show how the results returned can differ for local searches. […]

Keywords in Domain Names: Competitiveness and Popularity

There’s a lot of debate out there as to the effect of keywords in domain names, particularly around the idea of a ‘perfect’ keyword combination. Information is limited about exactly how the search engine crawlers or ‘robots’ rank keywords, other than that having your company name, a service/product and/or a location in there is beneficial. […]

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

You may have heard about pay-per-click advertising which is also referred to as PPC, search engine marketing (SEM), keyword advertising or paid search. I still find it a challenge to explain exactly what PPC advertising is despite working in PPC Management for over five years because there are so many interpretations and misconceptions floating around. […]

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