YouTube as a Search Engine

YouTube is the biggest-growing video sharing website in the world at the moment, and since its recent purchase by Google, this popularity is showing no signs of stopping. Video is an important feature of maintaining a web presence, and is a highly effective marketing tool. The inclusion of a video in your website can prove […]

Will Google+ Rock Your World With a Business Matchmaking Service?

We have been waiting for a while to find out how Google+ intends to compete with the mighty Facebook for business traffic and customers. Well with Google “Search plus Your World” we may have more of an answer. A while back I said that at least Google+ had a more a business like look and […]

Where in a Website Should Keywords Be Placed?

Once you have decided which keywords you want to use for your business website, you need to think about where in the site these are going to be placed for best effect. Ultimately, your keywords are going to serve two very different purposes – informing customers of what your website is all about, and allowing […]

Researching and Choosing Long-Tail Keywords

 A keyword is a word or phrase which forms part of your website’s content and which allows your customers to find you via search engines. Search engines recognise and index your keywords on each page using crawlers, and then rank that page based on its relevance to search engine users. Keywords can be broadly split […]

Optimising LinkedIn to Help With SEO?

There are many social networking sites out there now to choose from geared towards different interests and topics, this list includes the most popular which are the much loved, Facebook and Twitter.  Each of these has some potential value for SEO based on the simple fact that they can provide valuable links back to your website.  […]

Keywords and Jargon: Can Your Customers Find Your Content?

The main purpose of any business website is to reach customers. This means ensuring your site is well optimised for search engines, allowing your site to be found and accessed by your target market. What is a keyword? If you have a website or are looking to set one up, you may well have considered […]

Flash and SEO: Why It’s Best to Keep It Simple

When setting up your new website, it can be tempting to take advantage of many of the design features available to you, such as embedded Flash content, thereby making your site eye-catching and making it stand out from other sites. However, did you know that the use (and especially the overuse) of these elements can […]

Keeping Your Business Website Content Fresh

How often do you update your website? Once it is uploaded and live, it can be easy to forget about your site; you may give the address out often, but do you look at it yourself? Ranking in Google Google has a system of over 200 factors which it uses to analyse and rank websites. […]

Networking Online to Boost Your Website’s SEO

A good sign that your site is relevant to people is if it receives a lot of visitors. While optimising your site for search engines helps it to rank highly and drive traffic to it, this also works the other way; if you get plenty of visitors to your site, the search engines will notice […]

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