How Many Keywords Should You Use in Your Website?

The keywords you choose for your business website are crucial to the site’s success, as these play such an important part in optimising your website, allowing the search engines to find and index it. In previous posts, we have discussed researching these keywords to make sure they are relevant to your audience and that they […]

Google Alerts and SEO

For those not familiar with the Google Alerts service this post will help you understand this tool and demonstrate how to use it to enhance your local SEO campaigns. Google Alerts simply enables you to choose keywords/search terms related to your businesses which are important for your SERPs; Google will then email you instances of when they come up online […]

What Are Keywords

The most important aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO) is your use of keywords. But what are they, and how do they work? A keyword, or keyword phrase, is a word or a series of words which have great importance or significance. When writing for the web, these keywords have two main functions: to show […]

Keywords and Jargon: Can Your Customers Find Your Content?

The main purpose of any business website is to reach customers. This means ensuring your site is well optimised for search engines, allowing your site to be found and accessed by your target market. What is a keyword? If you have a website or are looking to set one up, you may well have considered […]

The Importance of Being Original When It Comes to Website Content

Netcraft reports that as of September 2011, there are 485, 173, 671 websites on the Internet. With so  much content out there, you might think it would go unnoticed if someone copied information from another site onto their own. However, plagiarism does not go unnoticed by Google and its counterparts, who will drop the rank […]

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