Search Me – an SEO Glossary Without the Jargon

If you’re running a business and looking to improve your website you’ve probably come across a lot of bizarre terms like ‘link juice’, ‘bots’ and a surprising amount of animals (spiders, pandas, hummingbirds etc.) that seem to have something to do with Google… This SEO Glossary will help to clear things up.

Five Tips on What to Do if You’re Not Happy With Your Website Search Rankings

If you think you are not performing well for some of your chosen keywords: (1)    Make sure that the copy on your website (page titles, description, images, links etc) encompasses the terms people use when searching for your products and services.  “Optimised” means whether the copy on your site uses these keywords. Make sure the […]

Local SEO…Is There Such a Thing and Can It Benefit Businesses?

Having worked closely with small and medium sized businesses over recent years, it is very clear that there is a lot of confusion about what SEO (search engine optimisation) is and how to implement it.  In particular, what is Local SEO and is there such a thing? My focus on this blog will be to […]

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