How To Protect Your Business From Brexit

As the dust is settling on a historic referendum, with the majority vote for Britain’s exit from the EU, the big question “what next” has created a mass of uncertainty amongst the business community. As I write this article, there is no clarity from the Government on what must happen or indeed, what will happen. […]

My Business Is My Pension – Part Two

In part one of this article I outlined my belief that ‘my business is my pension’ is typically a myth and the reality may be somewhat different to the dream. You then undertook a quick exercise to understand an approximate value of your business based on average net profit over the previous three years multiplied […]

Help My Business Is Failing – Part 2

Funding a business can be difficult. When there are problems, it can be incredibly hard to convince bankers or other finance institutions that your business is worth backing. The key here is to ensure the primary function of the business is working well i.e. that it is capable of continuously attracting, creating and retaining a […]

How To Build A Simple And Effective Marketing Engine – Part 2

In the first part of my article I commented that the old style marketing funnel is obsolete. Only the savvy up-to-date marketers have understood this and adapted to the new “information age.” In this article you will discover what you need to change to attract a prospect, retain their interest (a key point) and lead […]

Tapping Into A Key Asset To Help Grow Your Business

As an owner, director or manager there is an expectation that you have all of the answers to current challenges, which may be hindering your ability to grow your business. Of course this isn’t true, but the pressure is on you to perform and have all of the right answers when required. Sadly, business life […]

Does Your Business Have An Invisible Guarantee?

I am often asked by entrepreneurs how they can make their product or service more attractive in their marketing. There are of course numerous ways to achieve this such as changing the design of the page or advert. One of the most often overlooked areas in marketing to make a product or service or attractive […]

How To Use Joint Ventures To Create Massive Strategic And Business Growth

If you’re serious about growing your business, then you should consider the power of using joint ventures. Joint ventures can add another dimension to your business. They can significantly increase your strategic position in the market, increase a prospect’s perception of your business and reduce your advertising and marketing costs. They can also lead to […]

Are There Hidden Profits In Your Customer Database?

Most businesses fail to understand the critical importance their database can play in generating huge or even colossal profits for their business. Some companies do not pay enough attention to it, especially checking the data is up-to-date. It’s commonly known amongst marketers that your database is generally the hidden gold in your business. It is […]

How To Set and Achieve Sales Targets For Your Business

For most small businesses, setting sales targets is a “finger in the wind” exercise. There’s almost a glass ceiling placed on what can be achieved, with targets generally a reflection on actual performance from the previous year. Many also fail to track success throughout the year either on a monthly or weekly basis and instead […]

Competitive Or Value Based Pricing – Which Will Win You More Business?

Whenever I read adverts, or see them on TV, there’s often a common theme… “we are the cheapest, cheaper than, lowest prices in the UK” etc. Depending on your market, competitive pricing alone is a risky strategy – let me explain why… Let’s use an example of supermarket chains. Many years ago one chain was […]

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