If You Want To Attract Customers, Show Your Creativity In A Video

When you set out to sell your service or product the first question you are usually advised to ask is “how do I distinguish myself from my competition?” But perhaps the first question you should ask is what do people actually buy? I have a hypothesis about what people buy and why they buy. It’s all about creativity. […]

What Business Video Producers Can Learn From Movie Trailers

What can we learn from movie trailers? In some of my previous blogs I’ve talked about using Facebook’s autoplay feature to entice an audience to watch your full video and therefore engage with your company or product. Today I’m going to write about what business video producers can learn from movie trailers. I’ll be looking […]

How To Create A Targeted Video Marketing Campaign

I want to put together everything I’ve been blogging about for the last three months and talk about how to create a video marketing campaign. I’ll be utilising all of the techniques I’ve talked about before; tailored story telling (see here), targeted video placement (see here), attractor videos (see here),  seasonal distribution (see here) and […]

Video Marketing: Getting a Return on Your Investment

Any marketing activity has to bring a benefit to your company, and video marketing is no different. So let’s talk about something important. Let’s talk about the cost of video marketing, what you should expect to get for your investment and how to ensure an adequate return on your investment. We’re going to have a […]

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