Help My Business Is Failing – Part 2

Funding a business can be difficult. When there are problems, it can be incredibly hard to convince bankers or other finance institutions that your business is worth backing. The key here is to ensure the primary function of the business is working well i.e. that it is capable of continuously attracting, creating and retaining a […]

An Ode to the Small Business Owner

My very first ‘real’ job was as a Web Consultant at Yell when I was 21, and I stayed with the business for four years. That’s a big deal in your early twenties. I had a few promotions there and eventually moved into marketing, but it was that first job that taught me the most […]

How to Apply to a Bank for Funding for Your Business

Most businesses rely on banks for funding. Without it, they would be unable to trade. One of the most difficult and sometimes traumatic tasks a business owner undertakes is applying to a bank for funding. This article will help you understand and apply the best approach which will ultimately give you a superior chance of […]

5 Content Marketing Tips That Are Easy to Implement

Small businesses may think they have a significant disadvantage when it comes to content marketing because they just don’t have the resources to create content. The problem is that as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) becomes more sophisticated, your company’s website needs to have a regular supply of original content. Now you could ignore this and […]

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