My Business Is My Pension – Part Two

In part one of this article I outlined my belief that ‘my business is my pension’ is typically a myth and the reality may be somewhat different to the dream. You then undertook a quick exercise to understand an approximate value of your business based on average net profit over the previous three years multiplied […]

My Business Is My Pension – Fact Or Myth?

“My business is my pension” – I regularly hear this phrase and believe it to be one of the biggest myths in business. You may also have heard this statement many times and possibly said it yourself. The truth is only a few smart entrepreneurs can say they have taken all of the correct measures […]

How to Apply to a Bank for Funding for Your Business

Most businesses rely on banks for funding. Without it, they would be unable to trade. One of the most difficult and sometimes traumatic tasks a business owner undertakes is applying to a bank for funding. This article will help you understand and apply the best approach which will ultimately give you a superior chance of […]

Ready, Steady, dot.Go! The race for new domain name endings begins

Much talked about, often criticized, long awaited and sometimes dreaded by many small, medium and big brand businesses alike, a huge variety of new domain names have finally been made available online, thought to be officially on sale this November. Dot.coms and dot.co.uk’s have so far been amongst the most popular web address endings, but […]

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