Why You Need to Create a Business Video

Video is a compelling way for many businesses to communicate with customers, potential customers, employees and other stakeholders. Recent innovations in digital technology mean that it’s now possible to make and edit videos using a smartphone, although it’s probably more efficient to use a purpose-designed camcorder. Who uses business videos? Videos are particularly suitable for […]

Tips on Mobile SEO Best Practice

Use of the mobile web – accessing the internet using tablets and smartphones – has increased exponentially in the past few years, and this accelerated usage is likely to continue. As a result, although mobile search engine optimisation (SEO) is still a relatively new concept, it’s increasingly important for businesses to master it. Differences between […]

Does the Mobile Market Need to Be Considered in Website Build?

Websites built for viewing on a computer monitor or laptop screen are often difficult to view on a mobile device such as smartphones or tablet computers. Especially on a smartphone, users will generally have to zoom in to make the text visible. Then, depending on how your site is configured, they may have to scroll […]

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