Instagram Goes Snapchat With Stories

I suppose it was inevitable. Instagram largely serves up still pictures one by one – and the world wants more. The popularity of Snapchat may be baffling but if you’re one of the biggest platforms in the world, as Instagram is, it can’t be ignored. Instagram Stories Cute name. Almost like…Snapchat Stories? In fact, the […]

Should You Delete Your Social Media Account?

A few weeks ago, some bright spark in Hillary Clinton’s team brought about something great. It was a tweet to Donald Trump that said “Delete your account.” in response to some typically nonsensical musing he’d published. It wasn’t just a stone cold diss – it was a meme that had been doing the rounds on […]

What’s This Facebook Dislike Button About Then?

Y’know Facebook? Y’know the Like button? Well, it’s got a partner now. A nemesis, an opposite. The balance of light and dark. You could be thinking it’s a trivial flutter on the grand old social media timeline but it’s NOT. Humans have been in need of a Dislike button for close to 10 years. And […]

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