The Hardest Parts of Starting a Business

780,000 businesses were started in 2020, as many people’s work drastically changed or they looked around for something more. Between 2020 and 2021, 13% more startups were formed than in the year before. In fact, more startups are being formed than at any other time in history. Small business is booming. Are you ready to […]

SEO for Startups: 5 Essential Tips to Increase Traffic

Startups often face a quandary when it comes to SEO. They understand the potential of it – that for the majority of bigger companies, organic search is the single biggest contributor of visitor numbers and revenue. And they want a piece of that (understandably). But then comes the head-scratching. How does a small company get its […]

What’s the One Piece of Business Advice You’d Give to Someone Starting Up?

Today, we asked @yellbusiness followers on Twitter and Yell Business Facebook fans the question ‘What’s the one piece of advice you would give to someone starting out’. Here’s what some of them said – thank you to all who contributed. On Twitter @bw58 Be sure of your market, and your potential within that market @Philip_Hannay […]

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