How to Learn More About Your Customers

We endlessly market to the void. The abyss. And mostly, not a lot comes echoing back. We hear from our customers when they’re really mad about something, but we don’t hear much about the everyday stuff. Time to stop marketing as if it’s a one-way conversation. Time to invite your beautiful, human audience to holler […]

Data Driven Online Marketing

This may not be the sexiest of topics but nonetheless it is an important for the serious digital marketer and can mean the difference between high volume ‘spray and pray’ online marketing or super targeted, relevant campaigns. In t’old days a marketers would go for high volume, generic messaging – throw your campaign out there […]

Don’t Assume Your Website Content Is Still Good Enough

When we set up our website we spend ages going through the messaging, making sure it is spot on for our audience and also fits the SEO bill (which has changed recently so make sure you’re up to scratch with the Panda and Penguin). The website content part of the creation is the most time […]

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