Be Social: Turn Your Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

In a prior blog I talked about how social media should have you looking at approaching customer services in new, more efficient and varied ways.  Taking this a step further, the most socially savvy businesses will utilise their social media portals to spread a positive brand reputation, connect happy customers and strengthen their customer support […]

Be Social: Measure the Success of a Social Media Competition

Like any social media manager, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to both keep my current audience engaged, at the same time as attracting new followers. One quick win that can achieve both aims is running a competition via your social media portals. Before you get carried away with the […]

Be Social: Social Media Crisis? Just Deal With It!

Social Media is power – power in that it gives your brand a great way to engage with and influence your audience, and power in that it gives your customers a very public voice. That can be great – unless a customer is vocally displeased! Here are some tips to avoid a social media meltdown. […]

Be Social – the Two Most Common Social Media Launch Mistakes

Why Social Media? – In a previous blog I’ve spoken about the importance of having a clear goal of what your company is trying to achieve with their social media activities. However, it is a mistake made SO OFTEN that I think it is really important to reiterate this again. You must define what success […]

Be Social: Tips to Keep Your Company Blog Content Fresh and Engaging

Trust me, the number one challenge to writing a blog for your company is regularly coming up with new and interesting topics. You want to keep the reader engaged and wanting more. Sometimes, that is just a massive challenge! One I’ve definitely faced in my career on more than one occasion. Try not to fall […]

Be Social: Delving Deeper Into Using Pinterest for Your Business id=

So having previously talked about the first steps that need to be taken before investing your time in using Pinterest as a social network for your business, at this stage you will have come to a decision as to whether it is relevant to your brand. From here you should have been tailoring content suited […]

Be Social: Is Pinterest of Use to Your Business? the First Steps

So by now I expect you have heard of Pinterest, which as a social network is essentially a pin board or online scrapbook which is making some serious waves in the connected world. It has been the fastest growing social network of recent times and thus far in 2012 has driven more traffic to online […]

Be Social: Blogging for Business Essentials (Part Two)

So, by now I am trusting you have conquered the world of keywords and have done everything in your power to ensure a great mutual linking relationship betweens your blog and your company website. This allows us to move on to some other areas to make sure your company blog is as visible to your […]

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