Be Social: Blogging for Business Essentials (Part One)

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in a blog for your company. Great first step. The first question I have for you through, is whether anybody is reading it? Here are some essential suggestions to organically make your blog as visible to the audience you are trying to attract. Link from your […]

Be Social: Is Facebook of Any Real Use to B2B Companies?

Most of my career has been spent with companies that deal directly with the consumer (in one way or another) so having recently joined a company that deals solely in B2b it’s been interesting to see the different strategies that are needed in social media. Facebook in particular has proved a hot button issue – […]

Be Social: How to Keep Your Business Blog Regularly Updated

In my last piece I wrote about how a blog can help your small business. The next step to consider is the content and subject matter that will make up that blog. Occasionally in my career I’ve had the ‘What new/fresh topics am I going to write about this week?!’ question nagging me for days, […]

Be Social: Do You Really Need a Social Media Manager?

Do you indeed?! Surely a social media manager is just someone who comes into the office, plays around on Facebook, sends out a few tweets and maybe writes a blog or two between endless meetings extolling the virtues of social media? Well, surprisingly that is the view held by many managers around the UK who […]

Be Social: Social Media for Small Businesses

When you are operating as a small business, often one thing you don’t have is the luxury of time. It’s a possibility you are too busy to be tapped into Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or any others of the plethora of social media offerings out there that can help your business. However, it is always worth […]

Be Social: Recruiting Using Social Media

When you are recruiting new talent for your business or company, ultimately you want to find the right person for the role you have on offer at the time you need them. Generally that would suggest that just using a single source such as a jobs listings website or one agency isn’t spreading the net […]

Be Social: B2B Social Media and Linked In

Having recently joined a company that is very focused on B2B, when I’ve generally come from a consumer background, it has been very interesting to see the different approaches that are necessary to target the correct markets via Social Media. Now I’m in the process of drawing up a social media strategy that suits their […]

Be Social: How to Prevent Social Media Issues Arising – Part Three

Data collection and analytics are hugely important for measuring how well your social media initiatives are performing, and should always play a part in decision making when it comes to new strategies. However, it is also important to find a balance between looking at the numbers and acting according to them, while still allowing creativity […]

Be Social: How to Prevent Social Media Issues Arising – Part Two

Part One discussed how to try and avoid entering into social media activity without a clear strategy, and ownership of social media within a business. There are other important areas which also need to be looked to prevent any chance of social media issues within your business. Companies need to be consistent and regular as […]

Be Social: How to Prevent Social Media Issues Arising – Part One

As much as social media can be a great tool for communicating and engaging with your audience, as well as an invaluable resource of information, there is also the potential for it to bring problems as well if it is not utilised correctly. I mentioned in my first post that businesses often decide they need […]

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