How Long Will the Build Process of a Website Last?

The time taken to build a website depends on a number of factors. Customisation Websites which are designed using templates or website design packages do not usually take much time to build. However, if the website is a custom design, and the build needs to start from scratch, then it could take much longer. Number […]

What Does the Technical Build of a Website Involve?

In broad terms, there are two linked parts to a website: the way it looks, and the technology which makes that happen. The technical build involves putting the technology in place and making sure it works properly. The first stage of the technical build is to set out the structure of the site – often […]

How Important Is Getting the Right Technical Build in the Long Term?

The technical build of a website has a direct impact on the site’s efficiency and reliability. It can also affect its long-term future: if the technical build isn’t flexible enough, you might have to completely remake the site at some point to reflect changes to your business or market. There are two main factors in […]

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