Get Real Results by Split Testing Your eCommerce Pages (the scientific way!)

eCommerce marketers know that they’re supposed to test their pages to find the optimal content for their target audience. However, many of us waste enormous amounts of time running tests that never seem to produce noticeable improvements. What are we doing wrong? Tell me if the following conversation sounds somewhat familiar to you: Marketer: “Boss, […]

How to Know What Website Content Is Proving Popular

Our revamped website design has been live for a month now so instead of just assuming that it is doing wonderful things for us, we’re taking a detailed look at what is working and what’s not. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy process, you can do it internally and with very low cost tools […]

What Website Content Do Your Visitors Want?

As I begin to undertake this year’s large website content refresh I’m forced again to question what it is my visitors want to see. You can pay a lot of money for a usability consultant to look at your site and then give a critique but last time we did that their suggestions were at […]

Website Content From Your Visitors’ Perspective

An early mistake that marketers can make when they’re creating their website content is to write about what they want people to read. After a short while they usually realise the error of this as their visitors aren’t converting or following their predefined paths. This is a good thing as the marketer now knows that […]

The Impact of Not Testing Email Campaigns Properly

Did you know that according to econsultancy only 32% of marketers frequently test their email marketing campaigns? That really isn’t much and is quite worrying. This could reflect really badly on your online marketing efforts. If you’re one of 68% that aren’t testing your emails before you send them out then think about this… You’re […]

The Importance of A/B Testing Your Website Content

I recently re-launched my company website and as part of any new site development, knew that I should be doing some obligatory content variant testing. To be honest it seemed a sure fire way to justify/back up our decisions and changes, keep the wolves at bay.  We’d done A/B testing on smaller items before and […]

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