Is Your Business Brexit-Ready?

From January 1st 2021, as the UK leaves the EU, the rules for small businesses in the UK have changed. After a demanding year in 2020, SME’s can expect further reforms as Brexit takes place and adjustments to business start to take place. Brexit may be having an impact on your business confidence, but to […]

3 Formulas for Persuasive Copywriting

Marketing psychology is a fascinating field, and one that I have written about at length before. But did you know there are formulaic ways to approach your copy that appeal to the all-important psychology and emotion behind the sale? Copywriting legend Robert W. Bly calls these structures “motivating sequences;” model approaches to writing copy that […]

Starting From Scratch – Tips for Writing Copy for Your New Website

Writing copy for a website is never an easy task. But when it’s your own website, especially the first one for your own business, it can be a major challenge. The other day a client confessed that, before she sought professional help with developing her web copy, she had been going through a nightmare trying […]

Save Time and Up-Cycle Your Website Content

I’m a fan of all things retro and you’ll often see me in flea markets looking to give someone’s old furniture or oddities a new home. My favourite piece recently is a 1950s sideboard that the last owner breathed new life into with a modern lick of paint to the top and a piece of […]

4 Ideas for Your Website Content

In my last blog I was talking about not blogging just for the sake of it – I probably burst a few content idea bubbles so it’s only fair that I suggest some other ways that you can get that lovely rich content on your website. 1.    Reviews I love website reviews, as consumers become […]

5 Tips for Creating Great Icons

Icons are created to aid usability, reduce visual complexity and create strong visual connections between functionality and user interface components. But despite their importance they are so often left by the wayside. Here are five tips for creating great icons: 1) Be recognisable The fundamental goal of icon design is to create an icon which […]

7 Basic Rules of Writing Web Content

Regardless of how long you’ve been writing website content it’s always good to remind ourselves of what the basic rules are. Whether you’re building a new website or just looking to give your content a refresh, bear in mind these points… 1. Forget the Queens English! When people skim through a web page it’s much […]

How Can Blogging Improve a Business Website’s SEO?

It’s fairly typical of the climate we are in at the moment that small to medium sized businesses are looking to market themselves online in new ways, to help with the acquisition of customers. Blogging is often the first thing they try, based on advice from experts that this activity enhances SEO opportunity; meaning more traffic to your […]

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