How to Register for a Domain Name or URL

Choosing and registering a domain name is relatively straightforward, although there are some restrictions. In particular, the name you choose must be: unique – for example, you can’t register ‘yell.com’ as it already belongs to someone else truthful – names which deliberately mislead potential customers are illegal in most countries There are also restrictions on […]

How Important Is It to Secure a Business’ Domain Name Ending?

When you register the name of your website, you have a few important choices to make. As well as an appropriate domain name – perhaps the name of your business, along with words associated with the business such as location or sectors – you also need to choose an appropriate domain name ending, or top-level […]

Which Domain Name Ending Should a Business Buy?

Domain name endings – also known as top level domains (TLDs) – can be registered for up to ten years. There is a wide choice of TLDs, and deciding which one(s) to register depends on what type of business you run, how big it is and where you operate. Which endings can I choose from? […]

What Should My Domain Name Strategy Be?

A domain name is made up of two elements, separated by a dot: The part to the left of the dot, which is the mid-level domain. It can be a single word, or a number of words separated by hyphens. This is sometimes used for clarity in the case of long names or to avoid […]

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