Why Is Social Media Important for Small Businesses?

Social media is now part of everyday life. Some statistics suggest that over 20% of adults visit a social website every day, and business brands increasingly use social platforms as a way of reaching out to their customer base. There are a number of significant benefits for small businesses who use social media marketing in […]

What Is Google Analytics and What Can It Do?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks visitors to a website and provides data on how visitors found the site and what they did when they got there. This helps site owners to improve the performance of their website, increasing sales and maximising calls to action. How does it work? In order […]

What Is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is a system for measuring the effectiveness of a website, by tracking visitors and visitor activity. Key measurements – known as ‘metrics’ – can be analysed to find out whether the site is doing the job that it was designed for, by showing which pages or parts of the site are most popular, […]

Guaranteed Top Position on Google

In the SEO business, there is a worrying trend emerging where SMEs are being offered an absolute guarantee when it comes to search rankings.  Having worked with SMEs for the last 10 years I am now seeing more cases of this and find this very dangerous practice is damaging the chances of success for many local search […]

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