How to Use Storytelling to Build Your Brand

When you’re building your brand or business from scratch, and you provide the same product or service that many others do, you’ll need to catch your customers’ attention and stand out from the crowd. You can grab recognition from the customer by breaking the ice using storytelling, which is a proven way to build lasting […]

12 Ways to Build Trust with Content Marketing

Content marketing is more than a mere buzzword – many companies now embrace some level of online content. Whether it’s blogs, videos, infographics or podcasts, the content you are putting out there needs to position you as a reliable source; and people don’t just trust anybody – especially online! Fostering feelings of trust within your […]

Why Visitors Trust Some Websites More Than Others

A unique study by Southampton University* and commissioned by Yell has identified what makes individuals trust one company website rather than another – and, therefore, choose as a supplier. This article summarises the findings and provides a practical checklist for what this means for your business. Contributors to trust The research identified criteria which are […]

Putting Customer Retention Into Real Terms

About once a month, the local vicar used to come to our school and give an assembly.  One day, he chose a volunteer (and I’m sure the experience has never left Trevor), gave him a rose and asked him to take it apart. It took Trevor a while to come to terms with the fact […]

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