How to Use Twitter Lists to Improve Sales

Twitter was first established in 2006 as a microblogging site and a way to share interactive messages. In 2009 the Twitter ‘Lists’ function was implemented so it’s likely that if you’re a current Twitter user, Lists have been available to you for most or all of your Twitter lifespan. Twitter Lists help organise people you […]

Introducing Twitter Fleets

If you’re a regular Twitter user, you may have noticed a recent addition to the very top of your Twitter app – a new set of content named “Fleets”. The full-screen content featuring images or videos is the latest in a range of updates to Twitter, and showcases media content from the people you follow […]

Tweets May Explode From 140 Characters to 10k

From worrying about getting an image, a hashtag and some kind of sense into a tweet, now we’ll be scratching our heads at what the bluebird we’ll fill it up with. If you’ve ever used Twitter for your business (you have, right?), you’ll have felt the frustration of having to split customer service responses over […]

One Week, Five Tweets: A Go-to Arsenal of Twitter Ideas

Twitter is amazing. No really, it is. In my time on Twitter I’ve received job offers, chatted with my idols, met real humans, won competitions and secured clients. It’s a magnificent tool for business. But it can be tough, right? Thinking of things to tweet is like trying to come up with a unique Mother’s […]

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