How to Manage Your Business’ Reputation on Social Media

Social media plays a huge part in business nowadays. When using it to its fullest, it can span a range of essential business processes such as marketing, PR, networking and customer services. However, it’s important to realise how fragile a company’s reputation can be online. A good reputation can result in a loyal band of […]

Using Your Business Video On Twitter

You may think that video is video no matter what social network you use it on. But it isn’t. The social networks all have slightly different ways that they handle video. What information we can access about our video’s success of lack of is different across networks too. The different social networks even have different […]

15 Ways to Drive Website Visits from Social Media

It’s a quandary that a lot of modern business owners have asked at some point. “I have a decent social media following, but those followers don’t seem to translate into actual visits to my website – what gives?” Turning every single social follower into a regular visitor to your site may be little more than a […]

6 Awesome Twitter Accounts for Business Advice in 2017

I’m a huge fan of Twitter; simply because of the variety and transparency it offers. Whatever kind of interaction you’re looking for, Twitter can usually provide. It’s a great place for self-promotion, networking, sharing ideas, collaborating as well as for chilling out and having a chat. However its business side can be a real treasure […]

Twitter Now Has 140-Second Videos

Cute, Twitter. Very cute. To match its trademark 140 character limit, Twitter has surprise-launched 140-second videos. Previously, the platform had only offered 30-second clips. 30 seconds is not enough – not even close. With Instagram recently increasing to 1 minute, this sounds like another case of Twitter desperately clawing to stay popular. It’s been a depressing few […]

Update: Twitter Confirms You’ll Have More Space in Tweets

Last week I revealed – with breathless excitement – that there were rumours circling about Twitter changing how they count characters in their 140-character limit. The limit on tweets is famously restrictive (that’s kind of the point, right?) but loyal users were upset a few months ago when Twitter mused on adding 10,000 characters to […]

Be Proud to Own a Small Business and Shout About It!

I am a big advocate of small businesses, they are the backbone of the UK’s economy. At the start of 2015 they accounted for a massive 99.3% of all private sector businesses (source: Dept for Business Innovation & Skills). There are so many positives to owning a small business, but it can be easy for owners to get intimidated […]

Twitter to Remove Images and Links from 140-character Limit

A little bird has chirped to Bloomberg about something that would be a very popular move for Twitter if it came to pass. We heard a while ago that they were considering increasing the tweet limit to – wait for it – 10,000 characters. Now, it seems Twitter may do something much more powerful and, […]

Twitter Image Alt Text: New SEO Potential

Not only does posting an image on Twitter increase post engagement (Twitter say by as much as 313%); it’s just got a huge SEO boost thanks to a new update. We now have alt text for Twitter images. Amazing. What’s alt text, you ask? Housekeeping Alternative text is like a description of your image. It […]

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