How to Register for a Domain Name or URL

Choosing and registering a domain name is relatively straightforward, although there are some restrictions. In particular, the name you choose must be: unique – for example, you can’t register ‘yell.com’ as it already belongs to someone else truthful – names which deliberately mislead potential customers are illegal in most countries There are also restrictions on […]

How Does URL Structure Impact SEO?

Every web page has a URL, and it’s important to think about the structure and content of these – particularly of subsidiary pages – as part of a search engine optimisation programme. This is particularly the case in larger sites, and especially for e-commerce sites which serve pages from an internal database and therefore have […]

How Important Is Getting Location or Business Sector Into a URL?

When you’re choosing a domain name for your business website, it’s worth considering whether including your business location or sector would be beneficial. Local identity Businesses operating in a defined local market will probably benefit from having their location as part of their business web address. An egg producer in St Albans selling only to […]

What Are IP Addresses

These three terms are often used as near-synonyms, although they each have slightly different meanings within the context of the internet. IP addresses IP, or ‘Internet Protocol’, is a set of rules that governs how data is sent over the internet. It works alongside a separate set of rules called TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) – […]

How to Create the Perfect Tweet

If you are looking to make an impact on Twitter as a small business, you want to get noticed by as many fellow users as possible. Once you are getting noticed, you will naturally accumulate more followers. Keep at it and chances are things will start to snowball. But how do you get noticed? Well, […]

Top Tips When Choosing an Effective Domain Name

1. Make it easy to remember; this way, both existing customers and new customers who have been told your web address by a friend will be more likely to remember it – and search for it. 2. Keep it simple; don’t complicate your domain name with unnecessary words or punctuation. This can irritate or confuse […]

What Is a Domain Name?

As someone who used to be a techno-phobe myself, I thought a brief introduction to domain names might be handy for those of you who, like me, don’t have a natural affinity for IT and all it entails. So, the basics: A domain name, also known as a URL or website address, is literally the […]

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