What Website Content Do Your Visitors Want?

As I begin to undertake this year’s large website content refresh I’m forced again to question what it is my visitors want to see. You can pay a lot of money for a usability consultant to look at your site and then give a critique but last time we did that their suggestions were at […]

Usability for Beginners – a Quick Introduction

Usability describes how easy it is for an untrained person to understand and use what’s called a ‘human-computer interface’ – such as a piece of software or a website. What is web usability? When we talk about the usability of a website, what we usually mean is: how intuitive the site is to use how […]

How Searchable Is Your Website Content?

Can people easily find the website content that they’re after? I’m not talking about in Google or Bing but when they’re on your site. Most visitors to sites these days are looking for information, whether that’s advice, researching and comparing products or keeping up to date with the news. They’re going to get frustrated if […]

Learnings From Websites #8 Etsy

I’m currently planning my wedding and as those of you who have done this yourselves can testify, it’s a supplier minefield! The minute you type ‘wedding’ into Google you are flooded with options. A site referred to me by a friend is Etsy – and I love their website content, it’s easy to navigate, looks […]

Star Small Business Website User Experience

In addition to writing about website user experience, I will feature some examples of the best of UK small business websites here each month, to illustrate how the tips I’ve been giving about UX can come together for small businesses and with brilliant results. Berkshire Garden Buildings are a small business who sell garden sheds, […]

User Experience Insight Without Meeting Any Users

There is no real substitute for watching people using your website to understand how well your website user experience is working for your users. However real user evaluations can be time-consuming and even expensive, especially if you want ongoing, continual feedback into your website’s user experience. So, to supplement (but not replace) real user testing, […]

How Can I Make My Website More Usable?

Usable.  Customer-friendly.  Call it what you will, ensuring that your website meets your customers’ needs is the key to success.  Here are six quick, easy ways to improve your website: Step into your customers’ shoes Think about the common queries that you get offline – these are most likely the same questions that customers have […]

5 Form Components for Awesome Forms

I’ve previously written a simple article about the traditional form elements available to web designers but that’s not a comprehensive list of everything you should include on your web forms. There are a number of key components which will truly engage your users, improve accessibility and conversion resulting in happier users. 1. Client side validation/errors […]

Usability Case Study #3: Debenhams

Charting somewhat unfamiliar territory this week as I browse high-street retailer websites – because it’s still better than shopping in person.  I’m after a jumper for my brother’s birthday, but just couldn’t face the Saturday crowds, so retreated back to the online world. My brief was fairly simple: a good-quality, cream-coloured jumper, large, preferably knitted. […]

Improving Usability: Navigation

As a self-confessed bake-oholic, I know exactly where the cookware section is in my local John Lewis.  But as someone who hates shopping, I don’t register any of the departments that I travel through to get there.  I just know that I look for the raised section with the sports stuff, and it’s to the […]

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