How to Optimise Your Videos for YouTube Success

Are you producing videos to promote your business, or planning to start filming content to share online? An ever-increasing number of businesses have realised the benefits of video for marketing. With more and more video content being uploaded online every day, it’s essential to know how to optimise your videos for YouTube success in order […]

4 YouTube Channels for Content Marketing Advice

I am a big fan of YouTube. Though it is probably most commonly known nowadays for video gaming channels and beauty vloggers, it does offer a very rich and varied amount of business related channels, especially when it comes to marketing related topics, and the busy realm of content marketing is no exception. As an […]

Lights, Camera, Customers! – Infographic

Online video offers up a fantastic opportunity for you to get your brand and website in front of a huge number of people. Don’t believe us? More than a quarter of all Londoners we surveyed share video online each and every day. That’s a lot of people. This infographic explores online video; our experts have […]

Learnings From Websites #3 Parasol Group

I came across a great website this week that displays their content in a refreshingly designed way. Parasol Group was set up to help contractors & freelancers manage their paperwork and expenses, they’re a B2B brand yet their website content gives the creativity and impression of a B2C brand. Its colourful and engaging, they’ve taken […]

Some Great Video Website Content Examples

I’m looking at video today, it’s a great media for getting people engaged in your content but I think has a stigma attached that it’s really expensive to produce. So we’ll take a look at a variety of videos and see if that’s the case. Check out these stats on video consumption:  The average user […]

Learnings From Websites #2 Content & Motion

This week I’m looking at the website for Content & Motion and these guys should be good as they’re an online communications agency! My first thing to say is that I LOVE the imagery of Lego people that runs throughout the site, it really ties it together and gives you the quirky, human feel that […]

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