How to Make a Video for Your Business – Part 3

Finally we get to the edit. This is always my favourite part of the film making process. Everything before is just about getting your resources in place. The edit is where you actually make your video. The Editing Process Editing will seem like a giant confusing mess, and if it doesn’t, it’s because you’ve never […]

Practical Tips for Your First Video Edit.

Editing video is brilliant. For me it’s like the best video game I’ve ever played and then some. When I sit down to edit there’s the anticipation of all of the possible videos I could make out of the footage in front of me. As an editor you are not bound by the ideas you […]

Why and How to Edit Web Video

Once upon a time, all movies were made like this: A man pointed a box at whatever was happening and turned a handle until the film inside ran out. That film was then processed and projected onto a screen for people to watch. The movies started out as clips of actual events, or places. Soon […]

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