Case Study – Premium Video Production (Part 1)

Making videos for clients isn’t easy!  Sometimes you may look at a video and think “Meh, I could do that no problem”, while other videos are…What am I talking about, they’re ALL difficult or should I say, challenging! (I love that word, has many meanings) What I find…”Challenging”, isn’t necessarily the Filming, the conditions on […]

Shoot Day – Part 1

By this time, you should have everything organised, you’ll have had the brief and signed it off, the Video Producer would also have sent you a script (if required) a blank schedule for you to complete, so he/she knows where and what he will be filming throughout the day. If you’re having testimonials, this would […]

Planning Your Video – Part 1

So, you‘ve decided that you want a video for your business, you’ve looked at the various options on who and how it will be produced…from doing it yourself, to hiring a Freelancer or using a Video Production Company…but how do you plan it? This can seem quite daunting at first, as you may not have […]

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