The Best Sites for Sharing Videos Beyond YouTube

If you’re investing time and money in producing video content, then you want to make sure you get the best possible return. One way to do that is to expand where you publish your videos. Uploading to multiple locations doesn’t involve a lot of extra work, but can make a big difference to your potential […]

How to Share Video on Twitter

How to share video on Twitter Back in September 2010 Twitter introduced the ability to embed videos into tweets so that that users can stream videos whilst on the Twitter website. The user can read tweets on the left side of the page whilst streaming video on the right side of the same page. This […]

Best Video Sharing Websites for Businesses

There are many video sharing websites out there. This post gives our recommendations as to which video sharing websites to target when using video to market your business. Some leading video sharing websites have a specific arts, entertainment and/or music focus, for example Metacafe and Vimeo. These services may be of value if your business […]

How to Add a Video to Facebook

Facebook streamed 4.4m video streams to UK Internet users in April 2011, making it the fourth most used site for video (Nielsen Videocensus, April 2011). In addition to the videos streamed on Facebook itself, there are links out to other videos streamed on external websites. You can add your business video to Facebook to capitalise […]

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