The Anatomy of a Viral Video Campaign

Virality is the lifeblood of online marketing, if we can create something promotional and entertaining, it has a fighting chance of gaining its own momentum online. If you work in an industry that allows it, creating lighthearted, even comedic content always helps stack odds in your favour in terms of shares and likes, simply because people […]

Is Controversy the Best Policy in Marketing?

Making a big splash and getting people talking has been a marketing tactic since marketing began. Brands from Coca-Cola to Harvey Nichols have launched campaigns that make bold statements about sex, drugs, equality and any number of other close-to-the-mark issues. But there is such a thing as too far, which big brands can deal with […]

Google Isn’t the Only Way to Drive Traffic to a Business Website

Is your website appearing on the first page of Google? Many business owners expect that their websites will be on the first page of Google as soon as the sites go live. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Many factors contribute to a website’s ranking, and one of these is how long a site has existed. […]

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