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How To Write Stand-Out Copy In A World Where Everyone’s A Writer

Not only has the Internet got people reading more, but it’s also got people writing more. Nearly everyone has at least one social media account, and according to Social Pilot, Facebook users collectively send 150,000 messages every minute. Now that people have their own platforms, they feel compelled to speak from them – no matter […]

How To Use Fake News To Your Business’s Advantage

‘Fake news’ – literally meaning untrue stories masquerading as news – hasn’t officially been a thing for very long. It feels like it’s really just the past couple of years that the term has been bandied around in earnest, and that’s in response to a proliferation in these false stories circulated quickly and widely on […]

How to Draft a Web Page for Design

Any small business is likely to tackle web copy at some point, and translating the words from a Post-it to a living, breathing web page can be a messy process. As the point of a business website is to get people to call/sign up/buy, every bit of content has to be in a tidy and […]

How to Create a Quality Lead Magnet

Many of us want to incorporate an offer of a lead magnet (a freebie in exchange for someone’s email address) to attract interested parties to our websites and email lists, but it’s important to get the basics right before we plough ahead. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of lead magnets, check out my […]

A Simple Guide to Content Marketing Psychology

We all want to effectively market our businesses. But to attract interest, we need to appreciate the way our minds process marketing, and how to use our innate mental cues to nudge readers towards a sale. Content marketing in particular comes with its own set of psychological tips that you can harness resonate strongly with […]

Awesome FREE Digital Marketing Tools – Part 2: Outreach

Last time we talked about how it’s often the case that once a small business has seen to all of its financial requirements for the month/quarter/year, the marketing budget can sometimes get left in the dust. However, provided you have some time to spare, there are a wealth of free resources out there to help […]

Awesome Free Digital Marketing Tools – Part 1: Creation

Marketing is one of those things that us small business owners know is important, but after making sure the bills are paid and the company’s general expenses are dealt with, there isn’t always a lot left in the coffers. This is especially true for new businesses, when every penny counts. If this sounds familiar to […]

Referral Spam: Who’s Messing with my Data?

The accuracy of your website’s analytics is paramount to a lot of businesspeople. To many of us, it comes as a great surprise that our own analytical data can be falsified by an external party. Have you noticed that your visits have suddenly gone through the roof (along with your bounce rate) with no new […]

Nine Ways To Create Urgency In Your Content

American entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said: “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value”. This is especially true when applied to the consumer buying process – how many times have you seen an item you liked in a shop or online and decided to wait until payday, or to ‘buy it in a week […]

Homepages that Talk Back: Using Video on Landing Pages

A whopping 80% of all internet traffic will be due to video content by 2019. That’s quite the hefty chunk. An increasing amount of businesses are future proofing themselves by incorporating online video, especially by using video embedded into their landing pages, and here’s one of the many reasons why. Using embedded video on any […]

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