Things to Know Before Hiring a Web Designer

Working with a web designer is a two-way process. Before you start, decide out what you want from the designer – then you can find out if they can deliver it. To do this, you need to think about the website and what you want it to achieve. Questions to ask yourself Before you speak […]

How Much Will a Web Designer Lead the Design Process?

Developing a new website, or updating an existing one, is a complex process. It usually involves a number of different people. Although the designer is important, your role as the site owner is critical, and before any work starts, you need to write a clear brief. What to include in your brief Your brief for […]

What Questions Should a Professional Web Design Company Be Asked?

If you don’t have the expertise to design a website in-house, you will probably work with a web design specialist – either a freelance designer or an agency. Deciding what you want Before you set about choosing a designer, you will find it helpful to prepare a brief, which should include as a minimum: an […]

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