Can Domain Names & Websites Be Transferred to a Different Host

The short answer to this question is ‘yes’, although there are several issues which need to be considered. A domain name is registered with a specialist registrar, who keeps all of the administrative details, including information about the primary and back-up Domain Name System (DNS) nameservers. In simple terms, the DNS records tell any computer […]

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

If your building or optimizing your own site, it’s important to understand what type of hosting you have and the advantages and disadvantages of it. Hosting varies greatly in price, from a couple of pounds a month to a couple of hundred. For simplicity, in this blog post I’ll refer to two main types of […]

What Are the Cost Areas of Building a Website? Part 2

In part 1 of this article we looked at the initial setup costs of building a website: getting yourself a domain name and organising a website design. There are, however, other areas to consider. Web Hosting Web hosting can be extremely complicated but it need not be. For most businesses a simple web hosting plan from […]

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