4 Classic Short Story Rules You Need to Apply to Web Pages

A couple of weeks ago I subscribed to a genius thing called Highbrow, a collection of courses that you get through bitesized email content, on everything from ancient cities to mind-bending puzzles. My first course was classic short stories. It finished today and, despite historically LOATHING short stories, I enjoyed every single one.   Listen […]

Can Crawlers Be Instructed to Ignore Web Pages?

A website is made up of a number of different pages, and it is the pages, not the website as a whole, that get indexed by search engines. When your website gets returned by search engines for a particular keyword phrase, it may not be your home page which is listed, but an internal page […]

Site Structure and Search Engine Crawlers

An important aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO) is website structure. If your site is to be found and indexed by search engines, it needs to be structured in a manner which makes it easy to navigate. Search engines like Google index web pages using ‘crawlers‘.  These crawlers search for, find and return information about […]

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