So What Can I Measure?? the Basic Metrics.

In analytics there are pretty much 3 key metrics which you need to know about and use, regardless of what you design your website to do. These are; •    Visitors •    Visits •    Page views Each is important and tells you something different about your site. Visitors (often called Users or Unique Visitors) is technically […]

Can Social Media Marketing Drive Traffic to Business Websites?

Before you start a social media marketing campaign, you need to think about what your objectives are. Social networking sites aren’t the best tools for actually making sales. Instead, they’re very good relationship management tools that prepare the ground for future sales. Raising awareness The first step to using social media to drive traffic is […]

Tips for Effective Link Building to Generate Great Backlinks for SEO

Backlinks from other sites to your web pages can be an important element in search engine optimisation. Links from popular sites covering related content can be particularly effective, both in improving your search engine rankings and generating direct traffic. So how do you go about link building? Here are a dozen quick tips to get […]

Will Custom Web Design Help Drive Traffic?

A website designed specifically for your business should help drive traffic from search engines. You can make sure your website is designed to be accessible and attractive by: using a designer who understands how search engines work and what design mistakes to avoid providing a clear brief to your designer, giving the business objectives for […]

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