Referral Spam: Who’s Messing with my Data?

The accuracy of your website’s analytics is paramount to a lot of businesspeople. To many of us, it comes as a great surprise that our own analytical data can be falsified by an external party. Have you noticed that your visits have suddenly gone through the roof (along with your bounce rate) with no new […]

Get Real Results by Split Testing Your eCommerce Pages (the scientific way!)

eCommerce marketers know that they’re supposed to test their pages to find the optimal content for their target audience. However, many of us waste enormous amounts of time running tests that never seem to produce noticeable improvements. What are we doing wrong? Tell me if the following conversation sounds somewhat familiar to you: Marketer: “Boss, […]

Using Pop-Ups on Your Website: Best Practices

[Updated Febuary 2017] Welcome back to our series on the resurgence of the website pop-up window. Previously we discussed the productive results achievable using in-page pop-ups (or “interstitial windows”), but also their downsides. We’ve mainly touched upon some of the most common functions of recent pop-ups: encouraging users to subscribe to a relevant newsletter, follow a brand on […]

Using Pop-Ups on Your Website: The Disadvantages

[Updated February 2017] Welcome back to this series on the renaissance of the pop-up; more specifically relating to in-page pop-over windows (or “interstitials”) which are now becoming increasingly common. Usually they’ll be a lot more relevant than the pop-ups of yesteryear, asking you to subscribe to the company’s email newsletter or to sign up for […]

Using Pop-Ups on Your Website: The Advantages

[Updated February 2017] You may have noticed the dreaded pop-up creeping back into common usage. If you frequent high-street retailers online or marketing blogs and resources (whom I find to be the biggest users; your experience may differ) you’ve no doubt had your fill of the modern pop-up menace. But you wouldn’t do that to […]

How to Make a Wireframe to Help You Plan Your Website

Building a website without a wireframe is a bit like building a house with no architectural plans. You’re likely to end up with something that’s eccentric at best and unusable at worst. Whether you’re the designer, your mate’s the designer or you’re paying top dollar, a website has to start somewhere. Before you get to […]

5 Things No One Told You When You Built Your Website

On a small-ish business budget, you just don’t have the wherewithal of the big guys with their fancy psychologically-tuned layouts and 24 hour website team. I’ve gathered 10 things you probably didn’t have someone around to tell you when you built your website – and guess what? They’re super easy to put right. 1. Better […]

What Is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is an element (or ‘label’) that can be used in a URL to separate parts of a large or complex website into standalone resources. For example, it could describe a department of a large company. It’s also known as a ‘low-level domain’ or ‘child domain’, alongside the top-level domain (.com, .co.uk, or .info, […]

What Is CSS?

CSS (cascading style sheet) is a language for styling the HTML elements on a page. CSS enables the separation of the HTML document contents from its presentation. If a website has been built with clean HTML the design can be completely changed by just editing the CSS files. How does it work? A stylesheets contains […]

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