What is the Purpose of a Business Website?

Your business website is an integral part of a larger marketing plan. It is therefore important to understand the purpose it must play. Your website is usually the cornerstone of an online marketing plan, providing a presence for your business. It’s the online equivalent of owning a high street shop or prominent office. On many […]

How to Refresh Old Blog Posts with SEO in Mind

We all want our blog posts to achieve the maximum possible exposure in search engines for the longest possible time. But unfortunately, as time goes on, older blog posts can start to feel a little past their best. However, there is hope for these posts, especially ones about evergreen topics that have a longer shelf […]

How to Write an Engaging Business Blog – 6 Tips

Writing business blogs can sometimes feel like washing up – a time-consuming chore and a distraction from more important things. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Firstly a well-managed blog can become a central part of your business, attracting customers and keeping them engaged. Businesses with blogs attract 55% more traffic than those […]

30 Sub-Strategies To Grow Your Business – Part 1

In times of uncertainty, instead of looking at ways to ‘grow your business’, many business owners make the fatal mistake of either doing nothing, or shrinking their operations. Perhaps the thinking for the latter strategy is that by saving money now there may be spare cash in times of need. In my experience, the worst […]

Stuck for Content? Try This Easy Four-Step Content Idea Generator

You’re probably already aware that having lots of content for your various platforms is crucial for providing your customers with lots of information points to find out about you, and the search engines with lots of up to date company content. Customers can visit between 6-10 different content sources before making a purchase, so the […]

Writing Copy for Websites That Engage the Reader and Sells

Your website is your shop window to the world irrespective of the strategic reason for its existence. After all, your website is promoting your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be seen by anybody, worldwide. The sales messages within your website play a critical role and act as your salesperson […]

Do You Have the Courage to Be Different With Your Website?

Do you want to know why most advertising fails? Because the marketing message is bland and fails to get any attention from time-poor, marketing sensitive consumers. The whole purpose of advertising is – in the words of legendary advertiser John Hegarty – to promote and sustain competitive advantage for brands. So you’re trying to communicate […]

Writing Killer Headlines

Your headlines have got a tough job to do. In just a few words, they’ve got to get your reader’s attention, interest them in your subject matter, and – crucially – get them to read on. On average, only about a quarter of webpage readers make it past the headline. Or to put it another […]

Why Your Company History Isn’t as Important as You Think

It’s a rule of storytelling that was drilled into us as soon as we could pick up a pen: Start at the beginning and finish at the end. Tell your story chronologically. Start as far back as possible, and move forward through time until you reach the most recent part of the story. A lot […]

Website Content – When Less Is More

Many people ask how many pages make up the perfect website. My usual response is that it depends on the industry and what the point of the website is. For example a publisher will have a lot of content on their website, there will be reams of articles, features, news and a large archive that […]

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