Using Your Website Content for SEO

Whoever is responsible for producing website content knows that it can be time consuming to create and finding the right people to contribute can be even harder. Does this mean that perhaps it’s not worth trying to find those 4 new pieces every month? Nope, it just means that the content should work harder for […]

Using Educational Content to Get Web Leads

When you look at the type of content that you can have on your website it can be broken down into promotional, product/service related and educational. A lot of websites, especially in their early stages, will be focused on the first two. However the educational piece shouldn’t be undervalued – regardless of what industry they’re […]

How Does an Effective Website Content Strategy Benefit a Business?

A business website can reach a global audience. You can provide enormous amounts of online content at low cost. And your website can do all sorts of things, from attracting new customers to improving customer service. That’s part of the problem. Unless you have a content strategy, you risk ending up with a website that: […]

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