Five Questions to Ask About Your Business With Regards to E-Commerce

Most businesses will benefit from an online presence, but they do not necessarily need an e-commerce solution. It is true that e-commerce is relatively straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it is right for every business. In many cases, an online presence can simply be an informative website. Answering these questions should help you decide whether […]

How Often Should You Update Your Website Content?

Back in the day it was easy to maintain a website – you set it out like a sales brochure, had a bit about your company, told people about your products and then hoped that people contacted you. Nowadays content is such a highly used asset on your website and in fact a driver to […]

Things to Know Before Hiring a Web Designer

Working with a web designer is a two-way process. Before you start, decide out what you want from the designer – then you can find out if they can deliver it. To do this, you need to think about the website and what you want it to achieve. Questions to ask yourself Before you speak […]

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