How to Test Your Website Usability

Website UX is about making your website as easy and pleasant as possible for your user. A website designer is going to make a very good start on that but it’s impossible to get perfect on the first pass. We can work with generally accepted website usability guidelines but your users are different from other […]

Usability Case Study #2: Halifax

Halifax recently unveiled a new-look secure area.  So what makes this more usable than the previous design?  And how could it be even better? Most popular functions brought to home page I’m guessing their site analysis has identified that making payments and transfers are the most popular activites, so they’ve surfaced these on the home […]

Case Study of Website User Experience – Part 3

How we’ve redesigned our website. 1. Your feedback This was a user-centred design project. The feedback we got from users during the design process helped to shape this new site design. But the work doesn’t stop with the site going live, this is just the beginning. So, we’d love to hear your feedback about the […]

Case Study of Website User Experience – Part 2

Why we’ve redesigned our website We’ve redesigned this website to improve the user experience. It’s just gone live. What do you think? We’d love your feedback. Let us know what you think about this new site, using the new ‘comments’ feature . If you saw the old site, tell us what you think about this […]

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