How to learn from other people’s website layouts

Your design is unique to you – don’t take that from others. But often the key to a successful website is how it’s laid out; how the placement of elements encourages engagement and onward journeying. Big companies spend ohmygoshsomuch on the psychological theory behind web design, which is probably not going to feature greatly in the […]

Web Design Deliverables

IT projects of any size rely on deliverables to communicate the progress and direction of the project between client and contractor. Website design projects are no different and are often used to ensure the contractor you are paying to design your website are producing your dream design. The project contract should outline the deliverables from […]

Wireframes: What Are They and How Do I Use Them?

Wireframes are a commonly used tool in the web design trade. They are simple diagrams/skeletons that outline the sections on a webpage so that designers can easily communicate their ideas for the layout of the web design. They should only be used for shaping the layout. Think of them as the blueprint of a website. […]

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