How Can I Track and Measure My Business’ Social Media Campaigns?

It’s vitally important to measure how well your social media campaigns perform. If you don’t, you can’t accurately know what your return on investment is – or how to improve it. Setting your goals and metrics As with all forms of marketing, the first step in tracking and measuring your social media campaigns is to […]

Be Social: How Can a Blog Help Your Small Business?

The more cynical among you may see the word ‘blog’ and immediately picture angst ridden teens talking about their latest unrequited crush, or keyboard warriors offering their views on how they could do a better job than Fabio Capello. In fairness, it is an understandable leap to make, personal blogs are generally a mix of […]

The Five Minute WordPress Business Blogging Challenge

We covered blogging in the last post and the challenges for someone starting out now to promote their business. As the volume of blog posts online now far outweighs the amount of readers, it’s critical that blog content is rich and fresh. There are various blogging platforms around with the most popular being WordPress and Tumblr. In […]

How Can Blogging Improve a Business Website’s SEO?

It’s fairly typical of the climate we are in at the moment that small to medium sized businesses are looking to market themselves online in new ways, to help with the acquisition of customers. Blogging is often the first thing they try, based on advice from experts that this activity enhances SEO opportunity; meaning more traffic to your […]

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